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Training is $120 per session, with discounts for packages. 

Thanks! We'll check our schedule and get back to you via email or text.

Hannah is a wizard. I tell everyone about her. I'd be lost without her.


The simple praise/correction system is intuitive to you and your dog.

Boarding is $60 / night for one dog, $100 / night for two dogs.*

I do not take more than two dogs at a time.

Thanks! We'll check our schedule and get back to you via email or text.

Underdog boarding is based around maintaining obedience while you're away. We run a disciplined schedule. I work from home and the dogs are to relax while I work. Dogs are not allowed on furniture and should show good in-home manners.

You can expect daily walks and a training-focused lifestyle. Generally, walks are around the neighborhood but may include parks, hikes, or other outdoor areas. I live in a house and they also have regular access to the yard.

Obedience equals freedom. The dogs can earn as much freedom as they'd like. Those that prove good training are free to do what they'd like. We sometimes do off leash adventures for the dogs who have proven their obedience.

Boarding is not to be confused with "board and train," where the dog comes for the sole purpose of receiving training. I don't offer that service, but contact me if you need referrals.


*If there are aggression or other issues, we may need to reassess. I do take animals with reactivity but sometimes need to increase pricing or board fewer dogs.

*Prices subject to change


Boarding Photos

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