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We believe your dog is a workhorse. Regardless of age, size, breed, or prior training, your dog is ready to work — and so are you. We work with a simple reward-correction system. Simple doesn't mean easy, but there's no need to complicate things. 

And, of course, training for the handler is imperative. We'll teach you how to teach your dog for the best results — quickly. 

Image of a Belgian Malinois and brindle mutt up on a red desert rock.
Image of Hannah (Underdog Owner) with two dogs.


Hi, I'm Hannah. 

I'm a pretty big fan of (well-trained) dogs. I got my first dog at five years old, a miniature schnauzer, and like many dogs she just kind of existed in the house and often ruled the roost. My parents did their best, of course, and I loved the dog all the same, but we just didn't have the knowledge to keep her from peeing in the house or stop barking at the door. You know, basic dog stuff. 

Enter 2014 when Inja joined my life. She's the blue-eyed brindle-striped sauntress pictured above. And boy, did she test my limits hard and fast. 



She was found in the New Mexico desert, an assumed feral dog, snatched up at about 6 months old. She was cunning, fearful, and unpredictable — all the features of a less-than-pleasant pet.


By the time I got her at just over a year old, she was absolutely terrified of people, yet somehow equally terrified of isolation. She was an expert house destroyer, fantastic escape artist, master screamer. She was vindictive and intelligent. She quickly made my life miserable. 

I soon ended up with two more dogs, a Dutch Shepherd and Belgian Malinois, in a home that was all dog with a clueless Hannah. I was frustrated and confused. I didn't get it, and while some methods I learned in training worked, I'd still come home to missing dogs and  shredded household items. 

Image of OG Underdog, Inja, in front of torn up trash. The dog is seemingly smiling, proud of her work.
Dog standing on the end of a narrow steel pole.


With a fiasco-turned-opportunity, I committed to a dog training education course — to become a dog trainer. I sought an agile hands-on worldwide group who regularly works with dogs for every purpose. The training included everything from basic obedience to drug detection to man tracking to agility.


On just the first day, it all fell into place. Everything seemed so simple and so clear. By this time, Inja was nearly 5 years old. Her issues had disappeared, but it had taken me almost the full 5 years, and LOTS of stress. With these new methods, I quickly realized I could have changed her in 30 days or less, with much less sleeplessness. 

My goals now are to share this with others. To increase the population of well-trained canines. To keep people from shedding tears over their dogs' destructive habits. To teach calmness, patience, and discipline. 

I promise, your life with your dog doesn't have to be miserable. Hello, clarity and structure. Inja and I are both much happier. 

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Salt Lake City, UT

Monday – Friday

9AM – 5PM

Weekend Classes Available

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